Parents in Meru County in disbelieve after a report on teenage pregnancies


On Saturday the ministry of health in Meru county revealed, what many termed as bad news to its residents . The report indicated thousands of school going girls ,aged between 10 years to 14 years have been impregnated during corona era.

According to these reports , Igembe south recorded the highest cases with 979, Igembe central followed with 978 cases, Igembe North 823 cases, Imenti south 587, Imenti North 440 cases, Tigania West 256 cases , Buuri East 230 cases , Tigania East 143 cases and Buuri East 112 cases.

This comes amid concerns from various government organs on the increased teenage pregnancies cases in the country , which has taken place during the three months that learners have been out of school.

The blame has been directed to the parents, who according to the experts have kept "a social distance" with their children , thus breaking the strong parent- child bond.

Experts have explained that the 21st century parent remains to be a virtual parent, since all they think of,is that the only thing their children need from them is food,shelter and Education, thus forgetting that bonding with their child is more important.

The Education Cs , prof.George Magoha has however blamed technology, insisting that pornographic content is the root course of all this vice.

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