Richest and Longest Serving Presidents in Africa

10: Isaias Afwerki

Isaias Afwerki is the Eritrea President since it gained independence. Eritrea gained independence in 1993 and since then it gained independence no other President has ruled the country. Afwerki was one of the leaders who helped the horn of Africa nation to get it freedom by fighting Eritrean war of independence that last three decade years.

Isaias Afwerki is among the African richest President , he rules with draconian style and gaggling of media. Afwerki is known to have of secret swiss bank accounts, properties and several investments other countries apart from Eritrea. Most of his wealth is contributed by abuse of power and misuse of resources of the country

9: Abdel Fattah el-sisi

Abdel Fattah Saed Hussein el-sisi was born in 1954 in Egypt. Previously Abdel Fattah served as a mechanized infantry commander and then as military intelligence. In 2011 after Egyptian revolution he served as the minister of defence and now current the President of Egypt.

El-Sisi is a long term politician and businessman who has managed to build a fortress of of wealth through the years. He runs several investment companies and significant interests in different sectors in North Africa and middle east.

8: Paul Biya

Paul Biya is the president of Cameroon since he went into office in 1982. Biya in his interest passed a bill to allow him add another term in power in 2008. This move sparkled people's reactions as they protested it and termed it as unconstitutional. This civil unrest did not impact anything as he remained and extended his stay in power.

His wealth is $ 200 million which has been an outcome of ruling over 38 years. He controls country economy and his wealth has been acquired illegally. Paul Biya and his family have lucrative businesses and have significant shares in big companies of the country like banking , insurance and transport.

7: King Mswati lll

Mswati was born on April 19 1968 in Swaziland. He became a leader in 1986 at his younger age of 18 years old. During his coronation he married many wife's as according to tradition of the land. His wealth comes from inheritance, owns luxurious items, owns palaces, properties across the country and several business.

6:Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa is the President of South Africa, he became the President after Jacob Zuma resigned from office. The anti-apartheid activist, trade union leader and businessman has been praised for his negotiations abilities and strategic planning in the country.

His wealth comes from lucrative business in the country , he has major share in MTN, he has interests in Lonmin a British producer of platinum group metals and he previously owned big companies like McDonald's .

5: Pual Kagame

Paul Kagame is the President of Rwanda since 2000. Paul the fourth President of Rwanda is a former military leader having fourth in Yoweri Museveni's army in 1980. Paul Kagame was Minister of defence and Vice President before becoming the President.

Paul Kagame has investments in major parts of his country. Him and his family controls a huge portion of the Rwandan Economy through company called Crystal Ventures. This company owns assets more than $ 500 millions.

4: Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is the fourth President of the Republic of Kenya. He became the President in 2013 after serving as Member of Parliament, Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister.

He is the richest President in East Africa followed by Paul Kagame. His wealth comes from inheritance , big business in the country, his family has interests in dairy farming, banking, real estate and media.His family controls most of Kenya's economy.

3Teodoro Obiang Nguema

Teodoro Mbasogo has been the President of Equatorial Guinea since 1979. He ascended to top seat by ousting his auncle in 1979 military coup. His wealth of $ 600 million has been linked with massive corruption and abuse of power. He runs several business in the country and outside the country, he own properties and supercars in his country and France in Europe. His family has secret offshore accounts, luxury and goods stacked in mansions in America and Europe.

2: Ali Bongo Ondimba

Ali Bongo is the President of Gabon from 2009. He was elected as a President upon his father's death Omri Bongo who ruled for 41 years. The President Ali Bongo was a Minister in his father's government and hold other senior seats in government.

Ali Bongo wealth inherited from his father's , his business and investment. His family is accused of the oil reach Central African countries. The family have assets allover the country and Europe.

1: King Mohammed the Vl

The king Mohammed was born on 21 August 1963 in Rabat, Morocco. He is the current leader of Morocco who took leadership after his father's death. He is a member of Alouite dynasty which the present Moroccan Royal family.

King Mohammed the Vl is the richest person in Africa worth over $ 5.8 Billion. His investments range from banking, mining, tourism, real estate and telecommunications. His family has stakes in SNI company.