Will this Ultramodern Islamic School help to reduce the number of criminals in Kasoa?


Mallam Bashiru (middle) with other Islamic Scholars

Kasoa has been a very notorious place in recent times. All forms of nefarious activities have been witnessed by the scores of people who call that area home. Many have listed a number of issues that have contributed to the notoriety of Kasoa. Peer pressure, poor parental control and lack of education have been mulled as the possible causes.

Veteran Islamic Preacher, Mallam Bashiru Nyandu has constructed an ultra modern Islamic School. The school is located at Kasoa and covers about five acres of land.

Facilities that can be found in this Islamic School include a masjid (mosque), administrative offices, well ventilated classrooms, play ground and changing rooms.

The main reason why Mallam Bashiru Nyandu established this Islamic School is to get the young people in and around Kasoa off the streets. He wants to give them (young people) the best of Islamic, secular and moral education.

The school has nursery, Kindergarten, primary and Junior High School levels for now. It is the utmost expectation of Muslims in this country that, Mallam Bashiru would set up a Senior High School that can rival the likes of Wesley Girls, Opoku Ware School, PRESEC and Prempeh College.

If this school achieves it's aim, then the number of Islamic or Muslim names associated with criminals in that area will be reduced to the bearest minimum.

It is now too early to predict whether Christians and other Muslims will be admitted to the school.

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