ODM Leader to meet Governors allied to the Azimio movement in Naivasha

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Enashpai Resort is the place to be if you're a diehard of the Azimio movement. The former prime minister will meet governors in what is speculated to shape the campaigns of 2022.

It is not yet known how many law makers will be in the said meeting. Some of the faces we however expect see are may include her Excellency Charity Ngilu,his heaviness governor Wickliffe Oparanya among others. Of course there are obvious attendees like governor Joho and others from ODM party.

As it always happens across the country we expect to see surprise guests too. With Ngirici who recently ditched UDA giving us clues on her political direction. Should we expect her to pay a surprise visit? Well I think this would be more than interesting and a good song to the Azimio leader though as it remains we cannot predict this either.

Well Enashpai resort will be a busy place today given the heated political temperatures in the country. Rao will give a statement later in the day after this meeting though it is not yet known what will be the main topic of discussion.

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