Divorce: My wife does not see me as her husband, she has no regards for me - Man tells court.

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Mr Augustine Okwuewuna the petitioner prayed the Igando Customary court to dissolve his marriage to his wife Mrs Ijeoma Okwuewuna saying she doesn't see him as her husband and doesn't regard him.

Mr Okwuewuna is a welder who lives at No 23 Oremeta Abarange road prayed the court for a divorce on Thursday saying he can't endure the humiliation from his wife anymore.

He said;

"My wife doesn't see me as her husband, she has no regards for me and does things at her own will.

"In all the houses we have lived in, we have never lasted for one year, it's only in this recent one that we have stayed for six years.

"Whenever I'm sleeping, she will spray me with water, claiming it's holywater, she has fought all my children and my sisters.

"Infact, she has chased my children out, they once called for peace but she told them she was not interested as she does not have any husband.

"I want a divorce" he concluded.

Mrs Ijeoma Okwuewuna the respondent , explained that her husband has short temper and his children from his previous marriage disrespects her.

She also said her husband drinks himself to stupor, beats and doesn't take care of her.

The court president Mr Adeniyi Koledoye adjourned the case till August 18 for judgment.

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