8 Special Children That Will Leave You Staring, They Are Just One In A Million


Every child has unique character strengths and abilities that allow them to express their individuality in a social environment. It is what makes them "special." As parents, we begin to notice differences in our children when they are quite young.

In this article, we have featured children that are just one in a million and some of them will even Surprise you. Hope you enjoy this article and if you don't forget to show us some love by smashing the Like button, Follow and share with Friends and Family.

1. Mia Aflalo Shunem

Meet Mia Aflalo a 5-ydar-old girl whose hair has made her popular. Mia has a long beautiful hair which shows how Israel is blessed with Everything beautiful. Her hair has made her popular to an extent that she has over 100k followers on Instagram.

2. Mehlani Dickerson

Mehlani will surprise you when you look at her eyes that look all pupil and she is not yet 2-years-old. She suffers from a rare syndrome known as Axenfeld-Rieger

3. Farouk James

Every lady likes beauty and this is always associated with long hair to girls. A young boy by the name James has what every young lady would desire, long and luscious hair.

He has developed a career out of this hair and has done modeling and fashion industry. His long hair has become his trademark.

4. Virsaviya Borun-Goncharova

Like many other eight-year-old girls, Virsaviya Borun-Goncharova loves to play, dance, sing, and draw. On the surface, she’s just a regular, high-energy school kid.

5. Lydian Nadhaswaram

Meet the young talented Lydian Nadhaswaram from India that can play instruments until you cry. The young boy is talent to an extent that he won the CBS talent show The World's Best

6. Isaiah Bird

A 7-year-old wrestler born without legs finds strength on the mat and a father figure in his compassionate coach.

7. Marcia and Millie

Looking at their photos without reading this statement you'll think that Marcia and Millie Biggs are normal kids and are sited normally. But wait, they are not, the two sisters are usually mistaken by other strangers simply because they don't look like twins one is taller and the other one is lighter.

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