"You Have Power Over The Devil" - So Command The Devil With These Short Prayer Points.

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Everlasting father, king of Kings, Lord of Lords, acient of days, the holy one of Isreal, we tremble at your presence tonight, we give you thanks over our life, we exalted your holy name, because you're Lord and you never change, we acknowledge you for whom you are, and for what you are in our life, be magnified, in Jesus name. Many has died, many has perished, we give you thanks for how far you've been helping us, Father Lord, accept our gratitude, in Jesus name.

We are sinner we come to your throne of mercy, where grace is abounding, any of our sin that may hinder our prayer and that can makes you not to hear us, father forgive us and cleanse us with the precious blood of Jesus.

Oh Lord your word says;

" Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall found, knock and the door shall be open for you"

We relied on your word oh Lord, we know that you're a faithful God that has never lied and would never lied. Father as we call on you tonight, answer us, in Jesus name.

Say these powerful night prayer before you sleep tonight, to command your blessings to come and for your glory to raise in this new week.

- Almighty God, as I looked unto you tonight, every spirit of mediocrity in my life, let them be eliminated from my life, in Jesus name.

- Oh Lord, every evil forces working against my life, and hindering my blessing, let the holy ghost fire consumed them tonight, in Jesus name.

- My God, in all my endeavors in this new week, let me experience your favour, in the mighty name of Jesus.

- Oh Lord, every power the devil is using to oppress my life, let the power be destroyed by the mighty name of Jesus.

- Oh Lord, let your goodness and mercy abide with me, as I start this week, in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord because we believe our prayers as been answered.

For we pray and receive in Jesus name.


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Stay blessed.

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