Wonders Of A Beetroot Plant Especially On Expectant Mothers

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Beetroot vegetable can be consumed either raw,cooked or juiced and is highly encouraged to be consumed by pregnant women because it has numerous health benefits that will protect both the mother and the developing baby during this period.

The amazing benefits include:

1Boosting immunity.The antioxidants present in the beetroots improves immunity and also protects the body against various infections during pregnancy.

2 Helps maintain blood sugar levels.It is a low glycemic food hence takes longer to convert into glucose and absorb into the blood therefore 6maintaining blood sugar levels.

3 Lowers the risk of birth defects.Consuming beetroot while pregnant promotes growth of healthy tissues and foetal development.Also prevents spina bifida condition by ensuring optimal development of the spinal cord.

4 Very rich in vitamin C which helps the body to absorb the iron in a healthy way hence paving way for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

5 Lowers the risk of anaemia.It is a condition caused by iron deficiency and during pregnancy period, women are susceptible to anaemia and so need alot iron which is plenty in beetroots.

6 Promotes a healthy liver. A compound known as betacyanin present in beetroots can help detoxify your liver and blood.Also eliminates fatty acids and toxins the body.

7 Regulates metabolism.Contains potassium which can help balance the electrolytes and regulates metabolism.They are also known to maintain blood pressure levels during pregnancy.

8 Lowers the risk of osteoporosis.Pregnant women are known to be at a higher risk of osteoporosis i.e a condition that makes bones brittle and weak and so beetroots have a good portion of silica and calcium which can help solve this condition.

9 Prevents inflammation.Contains an anti-inflammatory agent known as betaine which prevents swelling and pain in the joints during pregnancy.

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