Buhari Supporters Clashed With June 12 Protesters

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A group of people who appeared to be supporters of President Buhari's administration reportedly assaulted some peaceful protesters in Abuja.

According to a video that surfaced online today, the peaceful protesters were holding up their signposts in a public place as they pass by Buhari supporters.

When the Buhari supporters saw the Buhari must-go protesters, they crowded around them and ordered them to leave the area immediately. 

This incident took place at a place called Unity Fountain in Abuja. It was quite obvious that the supporters of Buhari wanted to take over the area.

Before the June 12 protest, the two groups were seen on social media antagonizing each other.

This shows how Nigerians have divided interests in the kind of administration they want for the country at this difficult moment.


This divided interest is one of the most dangerous problems that has been affecting us as a nation for so many years.


Many Nigerians who support some politicians and political parties are only doing it because of financial gains. We can not continue like this and expect to see changes.

If we must build this nation, we must all stand together as one and make this nation great again. We must all join hands together as one, regardless of our tribes and religious beliefs.


We need to have one voice and a collective interest in a better Nigeria as our main goal, regardless of the political party we support.

Earlier today, a quarrel also broke out among the members of I Support Buhari because of the way money was being distributed among them.

The manner in which we associate with each other as Nigerians, what drives our motives, should never be for selfish reasons or just to have some financial benefits.


We cannot fight amongst ourselves and expect to achieve the Nigeria that we all desire.

Security operatives were also seen in some places as they restricted people from carrying out the June 12 peaceful protest.

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