"Stop Blaming UDA And Be Careful On How You Handle Chaos In Political Rallies" Rigathi Appeals

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Political temperature is high in the country. leaders eyeing for different seats are traversing across the country seeking for votes.

There is ongoing process of Voters registration in the country. Different political parties are going around urging their grassroot supporters to turn up in large numbers and register as voters. O

Today William Ruto Championed his Bottom-Up in Meru County whereas Rails is in Narok Country accompanied by various leaders from Rift valley, Western, Nyanza, Mt Kenya to popularised his Azimio La Umoja Movement

Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua, a political incumbent and a defector of UDA party has blame President Uhuru Kenyatta and KPS for chaos that has been erupting during UDA rallies. He has issued a stern warning to the Kenya Police Service to be equal to all leaders when dealing with chaos from political rallies

Speaking while in Meru he has told president Kenyatta that they are intelligent and no everything that is happening under the sea. UDA allies are also bitter with Uhuru for failing not to endorsed their party leader as his preferred presidential candidate. Uhuru has assured Azimio supporters that he will soon start accompanying Raila to his rallies mostly in Mountain regions, to make UDA win no seat in thesis regions. Do you think president Kenyatta Should be blamed for this chaos or the DP? Share out your comments and views. Also remember to click follow button for regular updates. Thank you and stay safe

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