“What are you coming to do in Ghana?”- Ghanaians question American rapper, Say Da Don

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Some Ghanaians have come out to question American-based rapper, Say Da Don after he revealed that he will be coming to Ghana.

Few hours ago, Say Da Don posted a video of himself on social media claiming that, when the need arises, he will come to Ghana.

Say Da Don made this statement in his attempt to find Twene Jonas who he claims has been missing for days now. He revealed that, Twene Jonas was nowhere to be found and was also not answering any calls.

After spotting the video on social media, some Ghanaians boldly questioned the American rapper, asking him that; what is he coming to do in Ghana? They were wondering if Twene Jonas had moved to Ghana.

Some also said that, it might be that, he is trying to cover up for his friend (Twene Jonas). At the moment, Twene Jonas is nowhere to be found and Ghanaians are waiting patiently to hear from him again.

“You said you are coming to Ghana if you don't find Twene Jonas. What are you coming to do in Ghana? The system is not working in this country”, a Facebook user by name Conzy Gh wrote.

“If he is missing in New York, you have to inform the New York police”, another Danny Nartey also wrote.

See screenshots below.

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