A beautiful shack house that is leaving twitter users divided.

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We grew up being told that families are not equal, which is true. It's a good thing that we are now understanding that situations cannot be the same. Life needs to be balanced hence we have good and evil. Same as inequalities in life. Good thing is we are used to it and are not judgemental.

It has been 27 years since South Africa became a democratic country. Even after all these years we still have families that are suffering. A large number of people is living in shacks especially in provinces such as Gauteng. People are surviving and making the most of their situation.

Twitter is one of the most interactive apps in Mzansi. One of the Twitter users shared a picture of a shack house in and out. Wow is an understatement. It caused a frenzy with twitter users. The applauded the owner for such a beautiful and clean house. While to some users it doesn't make sense. Who said you can't live comfortably in a shack house?

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