5 Love Wisdom For Every Single Individual Looking For A Fiancé/Fiancée

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Are You Looking For A Fiancé/Fiancée Or A Financier? She went right into a dating with him due to the fact she wished a person who might meet all her economic desires and deal with her terrible family!

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Unfortunately, the connection ended up in pain, remorse and agony. Dear, Are You Searching For A Fiancé Or A Financier? Dear Single Lady, Your Fiancé Should Not Be Your ATM Or A Source Of Income.

It Is A Relationship Not A Financial Institution Or A Job Opportunity.

A Real Lady Does Not Depends On Any Man Before Meeting Her Financial Needs.

A Real Lady Does Not Demands Or Starts Begging Men For Money! She’s Not A Liability Or A Parasite. Money Only Impress Lazy Girls. When A Lady Is Financially Independent, A Man With Money Is Just A Bonus

Get Something Doing! Make your personal cash.

Don’t Let Any Man Take Advantage Of You! It’s unlucky that many humans are doing the great things for incorrect cause and If reason of a dating/marriage isn't always known, abuse is inevitable.

We are in a micro wave technology in which all people needs speedy and easy matters, forgetting that the standards of GOD and achievement aren't in a single day however overtime.

Any child can say, Yes, I Do” to any guy!

After all it feels like a nursery rhyme! Only the matured can definitely understand what they're saying “Yes” to!. You may be matured for wedding ceremony however now no longer For marriage! The reality that a person can byskip thru the door of an plane does now no longer suggest he’s certified to fly one!.

Many younger humans are determined for marriage and get married for incorrect motives. They are going right into a dating/marriage to obtain however now no longer to give. They by no means border to understand what it takes to construct a a success domestic! You Don’t Prepare In Marriage But You Prepare For Marriage!

The price of divorce are insufferable nowadays due to the fact marry girls were given married to men due to cloth matters and guys were given married to girls due to sex, beauty, massive breast and fine shape.

Marriage is coins

Many girls are determined to say “yes” simplest to any guy with hundreds of thousands of Naira in his account, not minding how he were given the cash and can be he has the ability to maintain it and men are searching out girls with massive Chelsea(breast) and loaded barca (Big Buttock) now no longer minding if she has what it takes to be a great wife.

I’ve visible a few girls whose fathers are but to shop for a bicycle that insisted that their fiancés have to have hundreds of thousands of coins in his account, a automobile and three bed room flat earlier than they communicate approximately wedding ceremony and this is one of the motives why many men are jogging farfar from marriage.

It isn't always a have to for a man to have a automobile, hire a three bed room flat or have hundreds of thousands of coins in his account earlier than making plans for marriage. You can begin with what you've got got so long as you've got got a ordinary supply of income.

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Do You Really Know The Purpose Of Marriage?

Its a pity that many singles waste their cash on vain matters however shopping for books with a purpose to put together them for a a success domestic is a Problem!.

Never get marry for the incorrect cause. Marriage is instituted for companionship. Invest In your dating with God! Buy and Read Books On Marriage, Attend Single & Marriage Seminar! Prepare Yourself For the Lifetime Journey! Never Appear For What You Are Not Prepare For! May you now no longer make a marital error.

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