5 Ways to Get A Lady Attracted to You


It’s not supposed to be difficult for you as a man to make a girl fall in love with you, there are several strategies you can devise, techniques you can use that would make a lady become interested in you and start missing you whenever you’re not around. This is not about using tricks on ladies; this is about using proven human relationship techniques that can make any lady miss you.

Maybe you’ve not had your luck with ladies in the past, you’re always falling in love with ladies who don’t love you back, those who are only interested in being with you because of your money, beauty, influence, family background etc. you’ve not really had the opportunity of attracting a lady who would love you for you, and not because of any other factor outside of you. If all of these explains your experiences, then this writing is for you.

In this article, I will be showing you five steps to make any lady miss you.

1.      Don’t text her on any social media page

This is the first step you have to take, you need to ensure that you don’t text her on any social media page, if you want her to miss you, you shouldn’t be too accessible to her like that, you have to play the hard guy, act as if you’re not even interested in her at all, and one way to ensure that is by avoiding her on all social media pages.

2.      Call her only once a week

As soon as you stop texting her on social media, you can start calling her only once a week, and make sure the call is usually long, this is the time you can establish a connection with her, discuss your week with her and get her to also tell you how her week went, make her laugh, get her to emotionally commit to the conversation, by opening up to you on some of her deepest secrets, by so doing, she would start thinking about you immediately you drop the call. Once you’re able to get her emotionally committed to the conversation, she’ll start anticipating the next time you’ll call her.

3.      Always make body contact with

If you’re trying to build an emotional connection between yourself and a lady, that would lead to her missing you, body contact is very important. Whenever the two of you meet physically, don’t just limit your greetings to ordinary handshake, hug her, hold her hands, let her feel that body contact.

4.      Always be sarcastic when talking to her

This is another important step you’ll need to take if you want a lady to miss you, sarcasm will make you become unpredictable, and ladies are always attracted to unpredictable guys. So, whenever you’re talking to her, don’t just stick to funny jokes alone, make use of sarcasm as well, keep her wondering what a weirdo you are.

5.      Give her occasional surprises

These surprises don’t have to be gifts alone; you can surprise her by visiting her house without informing her, playing pranks on her or even helping her out with some of her chores. These things may sound silly to you, but these are techniques that actually work.

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