Early Morning Grisly Accident on Interchange at Kitengela Leaves Several Feared Dead


Accidents have been too common on our roads recently and the government has been asked to intervene. Scores of people have lost their lives since January this year and this is not good at all.

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There was an early morning Grisly Accident on the interchange just before you get to Kitengela that has left several people feared dead. Others are also feared injured but they have been rushed to the hospital.

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The accident involved a RAV4 Sports Utility Vehicle or otherwise known as an SUV and a lorry. The SUV was badly damaged and it can only be a miracle that the driver of the vehicle made it out alive.

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Drivers of lorries have been urged to be more careful on the roads as they have been causing a lot of accidents of late. Just recently, a man driving a BMW X5 rammed into a stalled truck at the Southern Bypass.

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