The chemical that killed the people at east London is investigated.

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When it was learned that underage children had died at the Nyobeni Tavern while they danced and drank all night, there were allegations they had been sprayed with toxic chemicals. There have been claims that the tavern owner sprayed tear gas or pepper spray to disperse the crowd, a claim he denied in an interview.

According to the owner, he was not at the pub at the time of the incident, but said it may have been someone else behind the scenes. Authorities ruled out the stampede as the cause of death, as the victim showed no signs of injury even though there was a large crowd at the venue.

Three survivors said they saw a woman spraying something directly at the crowd, suspecting it was an orchestrated murder, as the crowd coughed and struggled to breathe after inhaling the substance but were not taken outside Breathing, the bodyguard locked the door. To save their lives, they jumped off the balcony.

They further claim that one of the bodyguards took out the bodies of people who had died and threw them outside. Authorities continue to investigate what happened at the scene, and according to multiple reports, they have found the cause of death.

The cause of death is a certain chemical but they are still investigating what kind of a chemical it was.

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