Check Out The Asteroid Scientists Predict Is Going To Destroy Earth In 2029


Our planet has been in existence for billions of years, and is being surrounded by rocks that a formed from violent action going on in space either from collisions of planets or formation of rock and ice and it gets hit by those rocks, but it mostly burns up before it enters our atmosphere. But there are rocks that get to a gigantic size due to thousands of years of formation and one is coming for our planet.

What is this Rock/Asteroid

(A Photo Of Apophis The Egyptian God)

It is called Apophis which means an Egyptian God of chaos, the asteroid was spotted by NASA in 2004 which was said to be on a course to earth having the have a diameter of 370 m which is equivalent to as big as four football fields, it made it's fly by on March 6th, and was able to be spotted with the naked eye if you were aware of it. Scientists said that it's next fly by is going to take place on the 13th of April 2029 which is going to get very close to our planet but if it gets affected by the gravitational pull of Earth it might make a huge collision breaking the mantle of the Earth causing earthquakes, volcanic eruption and other natural disasters, but if it misses our planet it will still make another fly by in 2065 with a sure prediction on hitting the Earth.

(opinion) A way we can stop this Rock

Knowing how resourceful and intellectual humans are, and also being in a technological era space companies can come together and create an Asteroid diversion device to divert the course of the Asteroid form earth, and maybe humans can live for another millennium.


I hope I was able to enlighten you in this and also bring awareness to Nigerians on this matter, thank you for reading.