Once Again President Museveni Appoints Relative To A Plum Government Postion.


Once again , Ugandan head of state, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.The elderly leader has appointed his son-inlaw as presidential advisor for special duties.This has however not come as a shock as he is known to award his family members with plum government jobs.

Janet Museveni , the first lady of Uganda was ealier appointed as cabinet secretary for education and has been serving in the same docket for quite a while. His eldest son is the chief of defence forces.His tribesmen also normaly benefit largely government projects and initiatives.Just recently opposition leaders called out the executive chief for favouring his tribe members in issuing of statehouse scholarships.

The NRM government seems to entrench itself by rewarding loyalists and suppressing dissidents.Appointment of close relatives and friends ensures that their is maximum loyalty .However , how long will this last? The inabilty to award qualified and deserving people ministerial and other top positions confirms the fact that they do not trust anyone with power other than themselves.

The emergence of youthful musician cum activist , Bobi wine seems to have scared the long serving army general.This is the reason as to why he has cracked the whip on human rights activist and also opposition leaders.His nepotism tendencies in state apppointments has led the failure of many national projects.

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