Ghanaians opposed to Akufo-Addo's Ghana Award House. They react angrily on social media.


Ghanaians on Social media, especially Facebook are expressing pure anger at the President and government in reaction to a supposed “Ghana Award House”- a new administrative building for the head of State Award Scheme. 

The reaction came under a Facebook post on the President's page with pictures and statement during the cutting of sod for the commencement of the building project. 

The understanding of many, which has been verified to be true is that, the building was going to house an instituted Award Scheme in the name of the Head of State. This will probably be giving awards to deserving citizens and non-citizens. 

Ghana has several categories of Awards it gives to deserving people annually. However, since it became a controversy in 2008, during the last days of the Kufuor administration, it has lost it prominence. 

Today's ceremony by the President is to resurrect the awards, and Ghanaians have not taken it lightly at all. 

On Facebook, some commentators could not understand the rationale behind wasting money to build such a non-essential facility. They contend that, at this point in Ghana's situation, where the double track system is collapsing the education of the country, an Award House should be the least of importance to the government. Rather, more educational infrastructure must be of topmost priority. 

Check out screenshots of some angry comments from Ghanaians. 


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