In Shock! Motorist receive more bad news for the month of March as petrol price hikes



Source: Eyewitness news

Once one decides to own a motor vehicle he or she has to consider and come to terms with that fluctuating petrol prices.

The changes in the prices of petrol is control by things like the strength of the Rand against the dollar currency and also on the supply of the oil or fuel.

When the month of Febraury began the motorist experienced an increase in fuel prices and hence again as they move in to another month of March they shoyld brace themselves for another increase in the fuel prices..

The Automobile Association of South Africa have said that rand and dollar exchange has not offset the effects of the higher oil price. The AA has also shown that motorist can also expect prices to get worse in April

The new estimated prices for the month of March are expected to rise by about R0.66 per litre for petrol, resulting in 95 Octane petrol being R16.34 per litre. Diesel will rise by as much as 57 cents and paraffin by R0.49.