The amount of money you need to start a Bodaboda business in Kenya.

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Most graduates in kenya spend most of their time searching for jobs. This is because there are minimum opportunities, and most graduates have one specialty which ties them to a specific career. After searching for jobs for sometime, some of them give up and turn to the Bodaboda industry as it is a sure job.

Most people prefer the motorcycle as it is easier to handle and cheaper to acquire compared to a vehicle. Learning how to drive a motorcycle will costs around 6000 kenyan shillings, which is cheaper compared to driving a vehicle.

For you to start a Bodaboda business, you need to ensure that you have a motorcycle driving license which might cost ksh.6000. After acquiring a license, you need to get a motorcycle. There are two ways in which one can use to get a motorcycle for business in Kenya. The first method is buying a motorcycle on loan from leasing companies, and the second method is buying your own motorcycle. I would not recommend the

A brand new motorcycle will costs around 130,000. After getting a bike, you will have to join a Sacco which might cost about 2000 Kenyan shillings.

If you do your calculations, you will need about 150k to start a Bodaboda business in Kenya.

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