Elders Endorse DP Ruto's Close Ally In Kuresoi South, Vow To Campaign For Him

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Kuresoi elders have finally endorsed Gideon Keter to be their leader ahead of 2022 polls and he will be using the UDA party simply because it is popular in the region. The elders declared that he is the perfect leader since he has good qualities and they have also decided to bless him by giving him prayers. The elders declared that they will campaign for him and also to sell his agenda to the residents since they have given him the blessings to lead the people of Kuresoi South.

According to Keter, he has declared that he will make sure that he fulfills the promises that he has made if he is elected as a Member of Parliament and he will fight for the rights of hustlers through a botom-up economic model. He revealed that he will follow the footsteps of the chief hustler simply because he has promised to uplift the economy of the country.


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