Enugu: Why Gov Uzodinma may be absent as the Southern Governors meet today in Enugu

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Today is going to be historic as the Governors from the Southern States of Nigeria meet today in Enugu. It's going to be the last meeting the Southern Governors have before the 21st September deadline on open grazing.

The South, having suffered untold hardship, poverty, death, humiliation, rape, and destruction of properties for many years at the hands of the herdsmen, decided to put an end to the ugly trend. The South was like a son without parents when they were depending on the FG to end the Fulani herdsmen activities. When it became obvious that the FG may not help the issue, they convened in Asaba, Delta State, and made a shocking declaration to the herders, giving them a few months to vacate the Southern territories.


They also gave a deadline for the arrest of any herdmen after the enactment of the open grazing bill. To show how serious they are, they later met in Lagos State, and continued their campaign promises to end Fulani herdsmen activities in the South. Since the deadline date was given, the Fulani herdsmen's activities have been reduced to a minimum, showing that the killers were doing what they were doing before, intentionally. Today's meeting in Enugu is a follow-up to the previous meetings held in parts of other southern zones. 


In their wisdom, the Governors Forum wishes to tour the Southern Zones in order to demonstrate the total commitment, support, and determination of every zone in the South to alleviate the insecurity of the region's herdsmen. But one of the southern governors may be absent from today's meeting. Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo state may not be featuring in today's meeting, since he has since recinded his consent. Hope Uzodinma has been on the news on the negative side in parts of the South since he made the ugly statement of formal withdrawal from the survival bill, that was billed to end the killings and maiming of innocent and unsuspecting Nigerians.

President Buhari was in Imo State a few days ago on a working visit. Should Hope decide to grace the Southern States meeting in Enugu, he may be isolated or be admonished to change his mind and support the southern resolution against the herdsmen's activities.

What do you think about this? Do you think that Uzodinma will have the courage to meet with the Southerners in Enugu or anytime soon?

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