"Naenda Na Hizi" President Uhuru Names 3 Main Agendas He Will Focus On Before Retirement

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While speaking in Parliament on 30th November, President Uhuru Kenyatta promised to focus on 3 economic agendas before he retires from office.

The head of state revealed that he had seen on what was happening to the economy of Kenya and focused to majorly look at state of the economic development, state of the economic infrastructure and state of nation democracy.

" Today I am going to majorly focus on three elements, state of our economic development, state of our economic infrastructure, and state our nation democracy, " the Head of State has stated.

President Uhuru on the other side revealed that Kenya had managed to improve wealth wise from 12th position to 6th position. He went further to reveal that Kenya will become great like Japan and other big countries only if people stop stealing from the government.

" From being ranked as the 12th wealthiest nation in Africa when I took over, we have now been ranked the sixth wealthiest nation in the continent. " added President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to him, the country has managed to make a major progress and now it is leading in producing green energy and many Kenyans access green energy more than any other countries.

" Kenya is leading the continent in green energy and houses connected with electricity. " He stated.

The president also addressed the issue regarding the building bridges initiative alleging that the people were the ones who made their voices heard through the BBI. He condemned those against the BBI and revealed his hopes on the BBI being passed in the nearby future in order to bring peace into the country.

To him, their is great needy for the BBI to be passed and amend the constitution and it is not right for it to be assumed. Some of the people who had attended the event include Mps, senators and Deputy, Dr president William Ruto.

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