#Fixthecountry: Over 70 Policemen With Six Cars Surrounded My Office As Early As 4am On Friday"


Indeed the #Fixthecountry campaigners have had several encounters with the Ghana police service on their intention to demonstrate against the NPP government to fix the country.

Recounting on one of their tough encounters with the police on TVXYZ this morning, the female convener, Mrs Bashiratu Kamal-Muslim, who is a Gender Equity Officer stated that after the police placed an indefinite injunction to prevent them from demonstrating, and they went to court for redress, they faced challenges and this was what she said on live TV.

"Last week Friday when we were supposed to appear before the high court, I got to my office to find out that there were more than seventy policemen with more than six police cars as at the time I got there only to be told that these police men were there as early as 4 am"

And they were there with water tankers just because one of the conveners of #fixthecounntry works there. She stated

Then when we went to the court, we were prevented from entering the courtroom with the reason that we already had representatives in the court and so there was no need for us to move in. So we were outside until the judge who sat on the case insisted that we were brought in before any judgement could be made. If things like this are happening in this country, what does it tell you as a citizen? She quizzed.

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