We Didn't Expect 'Friday Night' To Be This Big-Lasmid Says

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The most current sensation in the Ghanaian music industry, Lasmid Owusu Nathaniel, commonly referred to in the music scene as Lasmid, has said that he never expected his track titled "Friday Night" to be a hit.

A couple of days after his track "Friday Night" turned into a web sensation and came to the top 100 most famous tracks, Lasmid has been standing out as truly newsworthy.

In a selective meeting with senior blogger Ameyaw Blogger, the MTN hitmaker champ uncovered that despite the fact that he and his collaboration completely on the melody Friday Night and realized it would grab the attention of many, they never expected it would circulate around the web and come to the top.

"The expectation for that tune to circulate around the web was there, but we didn't anticipate that it should be this large." It's exceptionally lovely. We didn't have that goal, "he added.

A couple of months after the 2019 version of MTN Hitmaker finished, Lasmid infiltrated the music scene. He was subsequently endorsed by Kaywa's Highly Soul record label and has now acquired endurance in the business. He has depicted himself as the best craftsman in Ghana.

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