All Hell Breaks Loose As Important MMC Is Dragged Across The Floor By Security At Her Job

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Many people are asking themselves if this is the democracy that we fought for, this is a video showing what happened to the most performing MMC at Amathole District Municipality today.

She was literary being dragged across a passage by instruction of senior officials and the whole incident took an ugly turn when the woman was let go by the two individuals, she went on to give him a few slaps while asking them why they were abusing her.

.A lesson must be drawn out of this misuse of power Ziphozakhe Menemene Eric Maero Rusi Madlamini Fatima Rulashe Viwe Sidali, they promise that they will never keep quiet until justice is served.

There is no explanation for this blatant human abuse, even if it was a man - this would still be uncalled for. It’s distasteful for a fellow black man to treat another black person like this. Heads should have rolled a long time ago, and the security company should have their contract terminated, not just the employee.

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