My problem is that I always see breakup as the great solution - A lady comes clean

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Another beauty of relationships is that there are challenges that a couple needs to overcome in order to determine how strong they are for each other. A person who loves someone will get out of his or her pride to fight for the relationship.

No matter what challenges they overcome, love is the only thing that motivates a couple to stay together. However, there are people who still find it easy to give up on their partners. Is it the lack of love or that they just do not want to be challenged?

While talking about toxic traits, a woman named Nontobeko Njomane told people on Twitter that she is that person who always sees a breakup as the best solution whenever she gets frustrated in a relationship.

Nontobeko says she is like that person who gives 150% in a relationship, but when red flags about her partner keep on showing up, she calls it a quit. She says she does try to do her best to keep up with the situation, but her mind will always tell her to do the bare minimum.

When told that she always has one foot on the door, meaning that she is always ready to leave, Nontobeko replied by saying that arguments frustrate her. She says what she hates the most is having to fight over and over for the same issue. A situation like that one always drives her to the conclusion that she is better off without her partner. She is not ashamed of this behavior and that is why she accepts it as her own toxic trait.

I think Nontobeko is one of those women who is not hungry for love. She is the kind of person who does not like tolerating things just to stay in a relationship with her partner, and people like her are financially independent, so walking away is something she always finds easier.

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