"We Are All Thieves" Senator Ledama Changes Tune & Delivers This Shocker To Kenyans


Congressperson Ledama Olekina communicated his considerations on the continuous unite fight between Agent President William Ruto, Raila Odinga, and Kalonzo Musyoka on Monday, July fifth. 

Olekina transparently attested on Resident television' s Dawn that each Kenyan is bad, including himself, and that Kenyans ought to try not to mark others as " criminals. " 

Olekina' s comments follow the new quarrel between ODM Gathering Pioneer Rt Raila Odinga and Dp Ruto over defilement. DP Ruto and his bad associates, as indicated by Raila Odinga, ought to be detained at Shimo La Tewa Jail for taking public assets and misdirecting Kenyans by professing to be ' Clean. '

DP Ruto, then again, set the finger at the resistance, asserting that they had been redirecting monies reserved for youth strengthening, in addition to other things. Notwithstanding, regardless of Raila Odinga' s late comment that in the event that he becomes President, he will manage degenerate " people, " Ledama neglected to explain whether RT Raila Odinga will run for President in 2022. 

Ledama has stood up on Kenyan defilement. He added earlier today, when talking live on Resident television, " We are on the whole bad; nobody is a holy person in this country. Indeed, even in parliament, there are no holy people there, they are for the most part bad. We need to understand that we have a decent nation and we need to assist our adolescents with getting utilized. " 

His comments follow a verbal disagreement between DP Ruto and ODM pioneer Raila Odinga over defilement. Raila has expressed that whenever chose president, he will detain every single degenerate authority. Ruto, then again, answered that they ought not offer dread to him.

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