Revealed: A Top Politician Holding A Key Coalition Deal Ahead Of 2022 Elections Finally Emerge

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New details have now revealed Kalonzo Musyoka to be holding a key coalition deal ahead of 2022. The deputy president's camp has reached out for Kalonzo Musyoka ahead of the 2022 presidential elections. According to the standard newspaper, the deputy president William Ruto has reportedly reached out for Kalonzo Musyoka as he tries to cement his 2022 presidential bid. This has come right at the time of peak political tension.

The deputy president's allies have reportedly stated that they will give Kalonzo Musyoka the position of National Assembly Speaker if he agrees and moves in to join them ahead of the 2022 presidential bid. This is something that Kalonzo Musyoka may think about it twice because he wants the tops presidential seat and he has no chance considering the popularity of William Ruto and Raila Odinga.

On the other side, news has emerged that Raila Odinga has been working hard to ensure that he has Kalonzo Musyoka on his side come 2022 presidential elections.

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