See Guy Who Claims He Is Cuter Than Chris Brown


It's so funny how people want to become local celebrities these days, but fail to understand the true meaning of "Celebrity". A celebrity is a person who has a high degree of recognition by the general population, a famous person. 

 A guy popularly known as "Ph lcon" collaged his picture with that of Chris Brown and posted it on his facebook timeline with the caption:

 "If y'll look close enough, you will notice am more cute than Chris Brown. I ain't bragging, just that some of you are too blind to see the truth. U can go argue with your momma's pussy". 

 He of course shouldn't have posted this, as many social media users are now thrashing him on his own post with suicidal insults. It is very important you know who you are, before you make a decision. 

 Christopher Maurice Brown popularly known as "Chris Brown" is an American singer, a songwriter and a dancer. He has achieved a lot and is one of the talented musicians in America, but "Ph lcon" whose wall of achievement is null claims he is cuter than Chris Brown. See picture of Chris Brown below: Check the pictures below to see people's reaction on Ph con's post: He actually dragged himself to the dust after posting such stupid post.

Check his picture, is he actually cuter than Chris Brown?


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