A Sneak Peek Of Larry Madowo Washington DC Home

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The former NTV journalist Larry Madowo who is now a BBC journalist moved to Washington DC in the US. A journalist who is known to living a private life decides to give his netizens fans a sneak peek of his home in Washington DC.

BCC journalist Larry Madowo is surely living large after relocating to his new home in Washington DC. His post in social media in his Instagram handle tell it all. He decided to give his fans something to admire about and will leave people talking for a while.

In his post, he rocked an unusual and funny looked wearing half office and half pool. He wore a shirt and a coat on top while on a swimsuit short on the bottom making it unusual look to work from home indicating that Coronavirus has made it easier to rock a clad of your choice.

Larry Madowo has a massive and beautiful living room which can be converted to an office at any other point when needed to.

The house that is located at the capital of the United States of America, has an advantage of beauty and class not to add one of the tourist attraction city in the world. 

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