Mistakes That Girls Make Which Trigger Breakups


Girls and ladies are beautiful and men are always ready to interact with any lady. However, there are some mistakes that ladies make and end up regretting them. Check out the list of mistakes that ladies make;

1. Ladies Don't care about men's feelings

Ladies and girls expect men to be hard,rough and tough which is not possible. Men are expected to be rough towards other men and not ladies or girls. They should always treat their girlfriends with respect and love them.

As for ladies, they don't even take time to think of men's feelings. In the outside, men can appear tough and rough but they are very smooth in the inside.

Gentlemen hide their feelings but those feelings can be seen also. A good girlfriend should understand their man's feelings.

Girls love when they are listened to, but don't listen to their boyfriends.

2. Ladies are fast at breakups

Did you know that majority of men never breakup till their girlfriends mess up?

Men don't cheat until they have the ticket or permission of cheating. The ticket or permission comes from girls when their men realize that their girls don't care. Girls would even flirt with other men when they are with their boyfriends.

Here is a secret that you did not know; Men have stronger emotions than girls. Through breakups, a man would take of 1 and quarter years to heal up and get into another relationship. For ladies, it is two or three months and they are ready to move on.

3. Ladies argue a lot

This is what breaks relationships and makes men to go silent in a relationship. Do your research and you will find out that ladies love arguments.

Ladies love raising relationship issues instead of sitting down with their men and talk through it. Girls don't like corrections. They hate when they are corrected.

If your man has gone silent, then this is the reason; You argue a lot. Of course there are arguments in each and every relationship but it is easy if sat down couples discuss through them. As relationship progresses, men have learn that girls don't love replies and for this reason, they go silent.

4. Girls see men as a load in relationships and become lazy

A relationship is nice if duties are shared. Good men cool for their ladies sometimes and ladies should also do the same.

These duties are shared up-to a certain point where girlfriends become lazy and hate doing anything. This is literally the hardest time in a relationship and it is the point where misunderstanding starts. Communication literally stops at this point for sometime.

For example; Lunch time strikes and your girl goes to sleep. Of course you will for her, but when she does this every single day, it is disturbing. You become a cook in your own house.

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