3 Questions To Avoid Asking A Woman If You Are Interested In Her

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When you are interested in a woman, you need to avoid making some mistakes if you don't want to mess things up. You need to be very careful with the types of moves you will make and the type of questions you will ask her. One wrong move can ruin all your plans. 

As a man, when you are interested in a woman, there are some sets of questions you should avoid asking her. This is not the right type to ask her these questions and a wrong question might change a nice conversation into something else. If she doesn't tell you these things herself, you should avoid asking her directly. 

In this article, I will be showing you 3 questions you should avoid asking a woman you are interested in. 

1. Avoid asking a woman about her previous relationship if you are interested in her. 

The reason you should avoid asking about her previous relationship is that she might not be completely honest with you and she might not want to be reminded about it. Bringing it up would only change the mood of your conversation and make her remember things she doesn't want to be reminded of. 

As a man, you don't need to ask a woman about her previous relationship, as time goes on, she will let you know. 

2. Avoid asking if she has a boyfriend.

If the answer to this question is yes, there's no way you won't be discouraged and that might be the end of your long-time chase. Asking a woman this type of question would make it easy for her to push you away and make you give up early. As long as she doesn't say she has a boyfriend, you shouldn't bother asking her this type of question. Who knows, she might end up choosing you if luck is on your side.

3. Avoid asking about her age.

Another question should avoid asking a woman if you are interested in her is about her age. It is inappropriate to ask her age and it is a turn-off for some women. You don't need to be in haste, she will tell you as time passes. 

When you are interested in a woman, your impression matters a lot and the kind of moves you make. It won't make much of a sense if you start asking a woman these above questions if you are interested in her. 

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