Akon Says Rich People Suffer More than the Poor While Mourning Michael K. Williams

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Remembering Michael K. Williams

Music star Akon has given life to the popular phrase "more money more problems. Photo: TMZ

The entrepreneurial musician gave an interesting perspective to life when he eulogised his friend actor Michael K. Williams.

Williams was found dead in Brooklyn, New York, on Monday, September 6, with preliminary reports hinting he could have succumbed to drug overdose those a medical examination had not been done on the body of the 54-year-old actor who made black queer iconic.

According to Akon, Wiliams demise was another pointer that the face of success can lead celebrities in their most difficult moments psychologically.

He, for example, indicated that, though he was close to Williams, the two had never met since the pandemic struck.

Speaking in Petrossian in Los Angeles, Akon painted a picture of how celebrities hardly have one to one touch that could have been helpful for people facing difficult moments, explaining that the pandemic had also concealed mental health struggles people were facing.

Akon observed that drugs and alcohol which are easily accessed by celebrities and the rich are never a solution to difficult situations and instead end up bringing tragedies.

"Drugs and alcohol never solve difficult issues . Instead they send people down a dark path that, in Michael's case, ends in tragedy," Akon reflected sorrowfully.

Police have launched investigations into the death of Williams who died over the weekend.

The investigators who are investigating a possible heroin-related overdose are determined to find out who could have supplied the drug to the deceased actor.

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