"You Can't Afford to Stay Out of Gov't Again, Join Us" Powerful Governor Tells Kalonzo

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Powerful Governor has asked the former Vice President of the Republic of Kenya Hon Kalonzo Musyoka to join the Orange Democratic Movement Party leader Hon Raila Odinga led Azimio la Umoja caucus ahead of this year's general elections.

The Kitui county Governor Charity Ngilu has asked Kalonzo Musyoka to join the Azimio la Umoja group ahead of the August polls if he (Kalonzo Musyoka) does not want to be out of government again for another five years.

''He cannot afford to stay out of government for another 5 years.'' Governor Charity Ngilu noted on her twitter platform.

The powerful Governor further told the Wiper Movement Party leader that if he misses in the next government, he will have been out of government for fifteen years now. In order to be in government, Ngilu asked Kalonzo Musyoka to join them (Azimio la Umoja Members) as they are sure that they will form the next government.

The following shows what the Kitui county boss stated on her twitter page concerning the same;

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