All School Heads To Start Making The Following Preparations As Schools Are Set To Reopen Next Week


According to education calendar which was issued out by the ministry of education, primary and secondary learning institutions are expected to resume their learning next week on date 26th of July. As a result of this, there are some preparations which must be put into consideration before reopening starts. Below are the preparations;

1. Organize how the term will start.

Before schools reopen next week, all school heads are supposed to have a meeting with teachers and the school adminstration so as to discuss matters pertaining learning. This will enable learning institutions to set out protocols to be used throughout the term and thus avoid wasting time in the course of the term.

2. Prepare protocols to be used during reopening of schools.

As we all know, Covid-19 pandemic is still with us and therefore school heads should set up protocols to used by students during reopening day and even during form one admission day so as to prevent Covid-19 infections within school compound.

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