16 Years Old Boy Nearly Looses His Genital After Farmer Attempted To Chop It Off, Nursing Wounds

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16 years old boy escape loosing his genital after a farmer attempted to chop it off reason being he was stealing mangoes. The boy nurses serious wounds in his thighs after his manhood was nearly cut off. The boy was rescued by the other four boys who pinned the suspect down.[photo| Courtesy]

The suspect was reported days after the injuries from the boy started to get worse. The suspect confirmed his guilty as he was trying to protect his mangoes which has been stole for a while now. The suspect seemed to be timed of the people behind his disappearing mangoes.[photo| Courtesy]

The young boy is now undergoing treatment at the hospital. The doctor said he is responding well to his treatments. The serious wounds had start to spread to the stomach. According to the doctor, the boy is responding to his treatment and he is expected to heal in two to three months.[photo| Courtesy]


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