Top 5 Best Action, Shooting And Racing Games You Can Play Offline on Your Android Phone For Free.



Call Of Duty: The Call of Duty is a game franchise containing not just a game but a series and sequels of games after games, the Call of Duty is divided into Sequels and it is one of the most famous action shooting game you will ever find out there. And luckily Android is one of the supporting platforms of Call of Duty.


 Need For Speed: Need for speed is also a franchise of its own it contain series of games with the same name, but the most played one is Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Need for speed is a racing game that gives you an experience of driving an actual car with all the hits, police and people trying to bring you down.


Assassins Creed: This is also a series, and yet one of the most well decorated adventure game you can find out there, it follows a story of an assassin who is trying to make find about of his ancestors past in order to make sense of his future.


Modern Combat: This is also a franchise containing 5 sequels, from Modern Combat 1 – 5, and yet it is one of the android games out there that has the best controls.


Mortal Kombat: I think I don’t have to say much about this one because it so popular among gamers community, for those who never heard of it then definitely you should try it out.

It is a one on one fighting game, you can defeat your opponents with your own specified moves and skills.