A Pastor Receives Beating After Being Caught in The Act with Another Man’s Wife.

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After being caught in the act with another man's wife, a pastor in Nakuru was given a beating by some congregation.

On Friday, a man in Rongai, which is located in the county of Nakuru, was discovered naked in bed with the wife of another man on the latter's marital bed.

When the husband, who has only been identified as Njoro, returned home, he discovered his wife, Wangeci, having sex on their bed with another guy who was later identified as a pastor.

Njoro arrived home from a football game early, and as soon as he walked into his house, he heard noises coming from his bedroom. He had been watching the game.

He cautiously assessed the situation and found his wife sitting on top of the other man. He then made the decision to leave the house in order to inform his neighbors that he had arrived home early.

Peter and the neighbors ran into the bedroom to discover the two of them continuing to pounce on each other as they were completely naked.

They, together with a couple of other guys, beat the dishonest man of God because he (the pastor) was unable to free himself from the woman and they felt sorry for him.

I never miss an opportunity to catch up with my pals as we watch a football game in the evening. "Every time I get home, my wife is cranky and doesn't want to talk to me," Njoro explained. "It's frustrating."

He went on to say that he had a sneaking suspicion that his wife was having an affair with another guy, but his friends urged him to seek the assistance of Dr. Ndumba Wa Ndumba so that he might catch his wife in the act of cheating on him.

He related how he dialed the doctor's number and how, after listening to his account, the physician requested an appointment with him for the next day.

"I met Dr. Ndumba Wa Ndumba, and he performed a spell that would tie my wife to whatever man she slept with from that time on," Njoro said. "From that point on, she slept with anybody she wanted, and my wife was stuck to him."

Before Dr. Ndumba Wa Ndumba could free the two lovers from their embrace, the priest had to endure a beating and then make a plea for forgiveness.

Dr. Ndumba is available to consult with anyone who is experiencing comparable difficulties.



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