Moses Kuria's Message Touching On Raila That Has Left Kenyans Talking

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Chama cha Kazi party leader Moses Kuria has spoken about the possibility of ever supporting the Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

Kuria confessed that if there was something like reincarnation, he wouldn't wish to ever support Raila.

Kuria's message came at a time when president Kenyatta slammed his Deputy as being incompetent to take over the leadership mantle from him.

In his Facebook message, Kenyans have been left guessing that probably Kuria was referring to president Kenyatta after he slammed DP Ruto.

Kuria has always been on record to always deconstruct president Kenyatta as he alleged the president is out to impose Raila to the people of Kenya as his heir.

Though Kuria did not mention whom he was referring to, this is what he posted on his Facebook account ;

"Mtu hana kura. Mtu hana system. Amebaki tu na kilo Mia moja ya hasira. And Foolish Tinga fanatics can't see this fraud. Dear God, if there is ever such a thing as reincarnation, please don't turn me into a Raila Odinga Supporter. I would like to keep my brain, " Moses Kuria wrote.

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