Cute Ways To Hide Your Baby Bump

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Maybe you're not ready to show the world yet, or maybe you're planning the perfect reveal party or situation. Whatever your reason may be, there are some fabulous ways you can cover up your baby bump till it's the perfect time. Here are a few tips:

 1. Wear low-waisted jeans and tuck your shirt in a little. It hides your bump and creates the illusion that any bump (no matter how tiny) is from the shirt.

 2. Swap your small t shirts for peplum and flowy shirts.

 3. Wear dungarees. They're perfect for hiding your bump. For extra protection, wear a flowy shirt underneath.

 4. Wear silhouette dresses.

 5. If it's not too hot outside, wear a jacket and a scarf. Allow the scarf drape down to your belly and unbutton the jacket.

PS: Pick clothes that are loose around your belly so you're comfortable and to prevent subsequent discomfort.

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