I Blew It| Sphiwe blew R7 million in 2 months

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7 million in 2 months

Sources: https://twitter.com/MzansiWethu/status/1484541306424729604?t=jOr2qUuds8h4LLBwaVsCKw&s=19

Sources: Mzansi Wethu

Sphiwe has shared his story on the show called I Blew It. He says he received money from RAF and it was about R7 million. He was injured in a car accident in and the RAF paid up the money.

He says he first paid up his mother and sister's debts and he build a house for his mother. He then a furniture and many clothes for her sister. Then he married the mother of his choldren and bought a house for her.

He started to go to parties everyday and he bought 10 cars. Sphiwe liked the branded clothes and he had each and every trending clothes that were on style. He invested R1 million but he was scammed on MMM scheme. Things have changed for him since then, he now tries to get back his life on track

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