3 Types of Stylish Blouses for Ladies

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Blouses are worn as an upper garment by women. Blouses are loosely fitted and exist in different designs. There are several materials used to make blouses such as wool, linen, polyester, cotton, cashmere, and many more. As a lady, it is important to have blouses in your wardrobe as they always come in handy. 

You can style your blouses in many ways. Pair with skirts, trousers, dungarees, jackets, and wither clothing items for a unique look. 

Blouse styles are versatile; all you have to do is choose based on your preference. Keep reading for some Blouse styles you should add to your wardrobe. 

1 Collared Blouses. Similar to a collared shirt, Blouses with collars are a perfect fit for both formal and casual events. There are several collar styles to choose from. You can match your collared blouses with trousers or skirts. Ensure you accessorise appropriately, to get the best look. 

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2 Cowl Neck Blouses. A cowl neckline consists of folds of fabric that fall from the neck, creating a draping effect. Blouses with this neckline are called the Cowl Neck Blouses. These blouses are flattering as they can be worn without accessories. You can pair your cowl blouse with skirts and trousers as well. 

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3 Asymmetrical Blouses. These blouses give off a casual, playful look. Also called the "high low" blouse, asymmetrical blouses are best paired with trousers. There are different designs to choose from, based on what you prefer. 

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Stock up on blouses today. Which would you add to your collection? Tell me in the comments below and check back for more blouse styles. 

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