SSNIT, Teacher Unions and Ghana Education Service to Provide Teachers Affordable Housing Scheme


Government of Ghana and the Ministry of Education to embark on a policy intervention to improve the life of a teacher and redeem the teacher's image. Teaching is a noble profession and teachers are very important in the development of a nation, "all professionals can boast but the teacher taught them all".

Education is a key and a pillar of the workforce, engineers, doctors, lawyers were trained by a teacher but the teacher is seen as poor in the community due to the poor condition of service, there is a saying the number of teachers in the country is so huge, adding a pesewa to a teachers salary becomes the huge sum of money for the government to afford considering the number of teachers in the country.

Teachers are over staff in the cities, in the rural areas, basic schools have one or two professional teachers in the school, some of the schools have no professional teachers, the introduction of the double-track which the Government promised to employ seven thousand teachers for the double-track schools was just a lip service, same teachers are teaching in Green and Gold track with no holidays. The government announces the recruitment of teachers every year but the same teachers are in the schools teaching both tracks. The number of teachers recruited is not enough for the double-track schools, GES should a feasibility study in the Senior High Schools in the rural areas.

To improve the teacher's condition of service for the welfare of the teacher, the government has partnered with the Social Security and National Insurance Trust Fund (SSNIT) to provide an affordable housing scheme for teachers. Ghana Education Service, Teacher Unions and SSNIT have entered into a negotiation to provide mortgage houses for teachers, with the mortgage house, SSNIT will build structures ranging from two to three bedrooms for teachers. These structures will be rent to own. teachers with over twenty years to go on retirement will qualify for the housing scheme. This will help the majority of teachers to own a house on retirement, some teachers struggle to get accommodation when they retired from active service, payment of rent becomes a burden for them, this intervention policy will help teachers a lot, currently building two and a three-bedroom house in the country is very expensive.

SSNIT, Teacher Unions and the Ghana Education Service should consider purchasing the Saglemi Housing Units and furnished them for the teachers. The Saglemi housing units have over one thousand five hundred units completed. The location of Saglemi housing units can serve teachers in Accra, Tema, Ashiaman, Ningo Prampram, Ada and its environs.


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