"What A Colossal Loss"- Man Pays Tribute To His Soldier Friend Killed By Boko Haram (See Photos)


A Nigerian Man, Prince Adunni Adesola Samuel, took to his facebook page to post an emotional tribute to his soldier friend killed by Boko Haram in the Northeast region.

In the emotional tribute to his friend he identified as Hardeshorla Manshoordeen Ardekola (Facebook Name), Prince Adunni noted that in 2005 both of them were trained as Cadets, hoping to one day defend the Nation. But as God will have it, Hardeshola was the one who eventually joined the Nigerian army.

Adunni says they always chat online at any free time about the happenings in the battlefield, he also explains how he prays for him to be able to carry on.

However, precisely on the 9th of March Adunni dropped a message for his friend and there was no response. Little did he know that his friend had been killed by Boko Haram.

Checkout his full post below;

"A good friend of mine, a colleague, a father of two children, STK of our time. What a collosal loss?

On hearing the news of your demise at night, I'm sad, I weak, I'm down. You defend your father land till death.... A gallant, combatant, humble, responsible, ever courageous, good to go, versatile, bold, generous, sincere, dynamic, dependable, straightforward, understanding, diligent, trustworthy, energetic, disciplined and Islamic Scholar. Oh! Death where is the sting. Hardeshorlar Manshoordeen Ardekholah.

Very unfortunate that you later meet your death at the battle ground with this useless Boko Haram."

The post, aside from a tribute to his beloved friend, is also the perfect reminder for us to appreciate the efforts the security forces are putting into the fight against insurgency.

Nigerian Soldiers and their families, have also had to sacrifice so much, the past 10 years especially. I want to offer my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all you do for our country. 

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