Kenyans React As Raila Promises To Reverse Uhuru's Decisions On SGR.

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The former prime minister Raila Odinga is making his fifth and probably the last stab at the presidency.

In a bid to improve his chances of beating the deputy president William Ruto, Raila entered into an alliance with the sitting president Uhuru Kenyatta.

The move saw him remain quiet even as the government made decisions that he would have otherwise criticized were he the real opposition chief is supposed to be.

Such decisions include the transfer of port services to Naivasha from Mombasa rendering most locals jobless.

Nevertheless, the azimio chief on Saturday decided to take the bull by the horns when he announced plans to reverse Uhuru's Decisions on the management of standard gauge Raila to benefit the coastal people.

His promise comes After his fiecest competitor and kenya kwanza supremo William Ruto assured the coastal people that he would too return the operations to Mombasa to the chargrin of Uhuru administration.

Raila's statement has elicited mixed reactions online with some kenyans wondering why he allowed it to happen in the first place without uttering a word.

Others however feared that Raila's words may land him into trouble with the president who has vowed to support him to the end.

Nyanje: Wacha uongo never uttered a word when a majority of port operations were transferred out of Mombasa because of the so called handshake....ama unadhani hatuelewi..

Maina: Reversing Uhuru's decision, therefore not going by the agreement of continuity, kuna mtu anadanganywa.

Still others accused Raila of copy pasting what the DP is doing.

Below are the screenshots of the reactions inline.

Do you think these statement can land Raila into trouble with uhuru? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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