Tanzanian Comedian Arrested for “Bullying President”

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As it stands comedians all over the world do crack joke from popular and influential people in society just to catch the attention of people enjoying their comedy.

When in come to Africa, Comedians from Nigeria, and Ghana for example usually uses their president in cracklings jokes and it’s quite obvious that they see nothing wrong with that since it has not land them in any trouble.

Well, in the case on a Tanzanian Comedian, Idris Sultan hasn’t been the same as he has been detained following a video of him mocking his president went viral. 

In the video, he was seen giving a hilarious reaction to an old photograph of their President John Magufuli.

What’s your take on this? Was the act of the President bad or could this action be taken in other Africa countries against persons who mock the their president in several ways? 

Watch Video:


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