Security Committee Wants Soldiers Deployed To Avert Bloody Clashes

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The Asante-Akim North Municipal Security Committee (MUSEC) is urging immediate deployment of soldiers to the Agogo portion of the Afram Plains to avert looming bloody confrontation between cattle herders and the farmers.

This comes amid heightened tension over the horrifying murder of a 15-year old boy at Nhyiaeso near Ananekrom, by suspected cattle herders.

Three cattle herders have been arrested and taken into custody by the police to assist investigations into the murder of the boy.

Francis Oti Boateng, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), says the municipal security committee is strengthening security in the area to prevent the situation from snowballing into nasty confrontation between the farmers and cattle herders.

“We were having the taskforce on the ground, and they retreated for about a week. God being so good, we have reactivated the police team again.

We have to talk to the Defence Minister, so we can get the military too on the ground.”

The chilling murder of the 15-year old boy at Nhyiaeso, has left the community badly shaken.

The boy had gone with two of his younger siblings to draw water from a stream, when from nowhere, a man carrying a cutlass, pounced on him and started slashing him with the cutlass until he dropped to the ground dead.

The heart-breaking incident happened on Monday, January 17, 2022. The two younger siblings of the deceased managed to flee.

The horrifying murder of the boy has stirred up emotions – shock, grief and anger.

The people suspect the heinous act was carried out by a cattle herder.

The people have been struggling to understand why without any provocation whatsoever, anybody should take the boy’s life away from him in such a cruel and barbaric manner.

Such is the anger of the people in the community that they seized three cattle herders and but for the swift intervention of the police, they would have beaten them to death.

The timely arrival of the police saved the three herders from being lynched.

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