Comparisons Between Covid-19 And HIV/AIDS


Both diseases are caused by a virus whereby the virus for Covid-19 is called corona virus and that of AIDS is called HIV. Both diseases has no cure and once you contract, you can only be given a vaccine to reduce the viral load.

As per the current state of Covid-19 in the country, it is clear that corona virus is more deadily compared to HIV whereby many people are contracting the virus on daily basis as a good number of people also die of corona virus. When the first case of corona was reported in country, it disrupted everything and all sectors were affected. Surprisingly people living with AIDS are more safer compared to corona.

The difference between the two viruses is that their mode of transmission is quite different corona virus is transmitted through body contacts since it is like an airborne disease that is why people are asked to wear masks and keeping social distancing of more one metre apart. HIV virus is also quite different because its transmission is through blood contact with an infected person.

There are individuals living with AIDS but issues with lockdown has never been their, people have been living freely they interact freely but corona virus doesn't allow such freedom. Infected people are taken to the so called quarantine. My humble request to all kenyan citizens that let us observe Covid-19 protocols since the virus is actually deadly many have died and we are still at high risk of losing more individuals. Kindly share, like and also don't forget to comment on this post.